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Kelly Stewart

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Participating Artist in the ImPORT/ExPORT exchange programme with EDINBURGH PRINTMAKERS

With a passion for traditional European architecture I have been inspired to visit and draw many cities throughout Europe. I have focused on the style, shape  and intricacies of the buildings to draw attention to it’s individual, unique and most beautiful qualities. I found I craved more of an organic line to draw and push the work to introduce abstract qualities as a way of loosening the line and the overall drawing. I began drawing animals and boats. Boats in particular feature organic forms in the bow, the ropes, the curve of the windows and safety rings to name a few.  In terms of artistic development I am always looking to loosen my drawing style whether it be through the medium or the subject matter.

Drawing and printmaking is the inspiration and essence of my work. I start with a drawing and develop it through a series of layers in the silkscreen print process. The layers can consist of textures, handwritten text, computer text or graphic patterns. My layering process involves up to 20+ different transparencies which are mostly hand generated and then overlaid via silkscreen. In recent years I have shifted my focus from the drawing component to the actual printmaking process and the mark making it generates. Prints became a combination of drawing and abstract qualities. In this import/ export project I would like to produce a series of black and white drawings with an aim to producing a 5-6 colour print which involves drawing but with a greater significance to abstract, expressive qualities. This project will enable me to explore this concept of drawing organic forms into abstract mark making through the subject matter of boats. This will be a challenge by making a shift to a more abstract outcome.

Kelly Stewart Boat sketch