Swansea Print Workshop has completed a wide range of very successful projects to date. Although we receive no revenue funding, we have been able to extend our programmes through the delivery of a range of project-based activities. These were designed to build on the expertise and experience of our members and provided them with the opportunity to gain additional skills in printmaking, arts administration, marketing and curating exhibitions as central activities of the workshop.

These projects varied in both scale and content but all of them have added unique skills to our portfolio. They have also much enhanced our connection with the community at large and specific target groups.

2015 | 15 Years People and Printmaking

In 2015 we celebrated 15 Years of being open to the public. Through a year-long programme of events we commemorated our achievements over the past fifteen years by engaging with all the dimensions that make up our unique organisation. We worked with schools, young creators, the local community, the public, invited artists and our member artists to facilitate printmaking.

Our final exhibition of the year opened for a month on 24 November at the Arts Wing, Grand Theatre, Swansea. The exhibition featured work created throughout 2015 and was a celebration of original prints. The Private View saw the first showing of a special collaborative artists’ book – over 3 metres in length - and the launch of an anniversary publication.

The publication collects work from 50 Artists associated with the Workshop since 2000. Their work expresses what we believe: printmaking is inventive and individual; printmaking creates original, interesting and engaging visual art. It showcases the best of what we do.
Beautifully designed by Ridler Webster, the bi-lingual publication contains 60 pages with full page illustrations. The artists have not only contributed their work but also given us an insight into their process and what printmaking means to them.

Printing is playtime. James Donovan | I am engrossed by the alchemy and unexpected nature of print. Ros Ford | J.S. Bach said that music, or art, are for the ‘glory of God’ and the ‘refreshment of the spirit’. Or, to quote the engraver Anne Desmet, I hope to make something that ‘makes the heart sing’. In the end that’s what matters. Sally Hands | The painstaking, patient activity of printmaking takes me into the spiritual dimension of my inner self. Aleem Dad Khan | I am intrigued by the interaction of sculpted metal, fluid ink, and fragile paper in the making of a print. Aoife Layton | What I love about printmaking is its capacity to surprise. The process takes over. Things happen. I am always curious to see how my work on a metal plate will translate onto paper. Sometimes it’s magical. Sometimes it’s a disaster. Robert Macdonald

CLICK HERE for a taste of our Anniversary Publication. It is available to purchase at £9.95 plus p&p. Please email your order to

Visit our dedicated blog to read more about the activities and events that took place over the year.

This project has been made possible through funding from the Arts Council of Wales. Our whole-hearted thanks to everyone who contributed such fantastic letters of support for our project

2014 - Training in Safe Etching Techniques

Funding support by the Arts Council of Wales through their Training Grants scheme

Aim of Project |
To provide a long-term platform for training, equipment, support and access to an extensive range of creative opportunities in intaglio using safer materials than traditional methods.

Concept |
Since our inception, SPW has sought to find safer alternatives in etching which have the same level of creative opportunities as traditional materials. Until now there has been a confusing multiplicity of etching grounds available: some offer good creative outcomes but have environmental disadvantages; others are safer but have limited applications.

Outcomes |
SPW have adopted ‘BIG’, a safe etching method as our approach for the long-term which enables us to:
Offer training to all levels of experience in etching | Offer a dedicated safe etching area with detailed technical notes| Develop SPW as a centre for etching safely |
Establish a long-term tutor base and programme in  etching safely

For more information, please see our project page.

2013 - 14 | deialogau |DYLAN THOMAS |dialogues

Supported by the Arts Council of Wales   

Writers and artists share a common desire and need: to create an image, whether it be a visual representation or one of text and there is an established history of artists across mediums working successfully together, creating something more than the sum of two parts.

It is around the shared creative process of artists and writers and the relationship between text and image that the project built a varied programme of literature and visual arts events and activities.

The project explored the theme ‘a sense of belonging’ using reference texts from Dylan Thomas and winning writers from the international literary award, the Dylan Thomas Literature Prize.

Participants were supported in the creation of fine-art prints and artists books through a range of contemporary and traditional techniques.

For more information see our Project Pages. To see more information see our Dylan Thomas Dialogues project blog.

2012 - 13 | Drawn to Print

Supported by the Arts Council of Wales

The project set agenda to explore new boundaries of current practice supporting the activity of drawing and the translation of this material into non traditional and traditional print processes associated with the production of an original print. 

Three artists in residence Ros Ford, Aoife Layton and Fiona Kelly were appointed to contribute to the programme of events and to work with our membership

Go to for more information on this project 

To view the catalogue of the exhibition click here



2011-12: imPORT/exPORT Project


Supported by the Arts Council of Wales

The Import/Export project was conceived to give eight printmakers the opportunity to develop both professionally and practically within the context of a cultural exchange.

Four artists from Swansea Print Workshop and four artists from Edinburgh Printmakers were selected to take part in a 10 days Artist Residency as part of an artist exchange between the two Print Workshops.

This cultural exchange supported the professional and practical development of the eight artists and allow each one to establish connections and challenge perspectives within the theme Import/Export as they take an individual approach to the culture of the visited city.

Working in the technique or techniques of their choosing, the artists have expressed their interest in diverse subjects such as the migration of people, the importation of flora to exploring the natural and corporate landscapes of the cities.

Through the dialogue between the artists and the members of both Workshops, it was hoped that a more connected relationship between the two Print Workshops would also be established.

All members from both Workshops were invited to apply, and four artists were selected by each hosting organisation from submitted work and proposals which were already demonstrating a wide range of approaches and perspectives on the theme: Import/Export.

  2010 -11: Digital Imaging project 

Supported by the Arts Council of Wales

 Swansea Print Workshop was awarded an Arts Council of Wales Training Grant of £3,750 towards our ‘Digital Imaging’ project.Knowing how to work with digital images is becoming increasingly important for printmakers - not only within the printmaking processes such as photo etching, photo screenprint and cyanotype but it is now a common request that artwork be submitted in a digital format for exhibitions and competitions, websites, portfolios and published catalogues.

 2009-10: New Creative Dialogues Project

Supported by the Arts Council of Wales

Swansea Print Workshop was awarded an Arts Council of Wales Grant of £15,000 in February 2010 towards our New Creative Dialogues project.  The New Creative Dialogues project gives the organisation an opportunity to work with a Liz Jackson as a Printmaker in Residence who will lead us into a new area of practice through exploring a different perspective on printmaking.The colour of nature/the nature of colour provides the theme for a series of Masterclasses that took place over June, July and August. The project will also deliver the theme to community and other Outreach groups over the summer led by our experienced Workshop Leaders.

 2008-9: Changing Swansea Project

Supported by the Arts Council of Wales

This year long project supported by the Arts Council of Wales involved printmakers from all over the city and beyond in both challenging and interesting ways, responding in a personal way to ‘Changing Swansea...’ through the medium of printmaking.

Support was given to new and very young printmakers to learn the basic skills through a programme of subsidised workshops supported by a programme of visiting artists and masterclasses demonstrating more advanced techniques.

Over 300 people took part in all. Many of the prints were produced in small editions and these are for sale through the Workshop.

The project culminated with an exhibition in the Arts Wing at the Grand Theatre in Swansea in August 2009.

 2008 August: Ever Changing Swansea Project

Supported Communities First [Castle ward]

This was a project for the immediate locality.  Exhibition of Prints from the project were exhibited at the Arts Wing, Grand Theatre Swansea in November.

 2007-8: Information and Resource Coordination Project

Supported by the Arts Council of Wales

This project is designed to bring all the expertise we have accrued over the past few years into a coherent and accessible form. The grant has enabled us to offer a 12 month consultancy post to an experienced printmaker to coordinate the project.

Additionally digital development consultancy and marketing support will be supplied by Lorna and Nigel Packer of Business for Business

 2007: The Equal Project

The EQUAL workshops were geared towards minority groups based in Swansea who had potential to gain new skills through the medium of printmaking.

Widely advertised and highly successful, the project attracted participants from Spain, Iran, Czech Republic, Latvia, Pakistan, Wales, India, Canada and Scotland as well as successfully targeting those with Chinese, Filippino, African and Arabic backgrounds.

 2007: Contemporary Welsh Printmakers

Wales Arts International: All Wales Ethnic Minority Association, Swansea Print Workshop

Contemporary Welsh Printmakers represents 20 artists living and working in Wales and includes 45 original prints reflecting aspects of culture and heritage, lifestyle and contemporary themes.

 2005-8: Programmes, Projects and Administration Coordination

Better Swansea Compact Funding:

Swansea Print Workshop were awarded a grant to put in place an administrative support structure. This has a quarterly review of targets and outcomes.  New systems of book keeping, financial control and database were set up initially and the collection of other statistics refined. Targets included: Strategic Planning, Financial Control, Programme Co-ordination, Volunteer support, Marketing

2004-7: Workshop Development Project

Esmee Fairbairn Foundation Award: £60,000 over three years

The support from the Foundation was a vital catalyst in moving the organisation forward in very significant ways. In providing core funding for the central activity of the organisation and a period of stability and development. It has facilitated increased expertise in our staff and members profile thereby progressing the professional profile of all participants.

 2006: Artes Mundi Outreach Project

Artes Mundi

Artists Sameera Khan and Sarah Hopkins initially led a collagraph workshop, for a group of Muslim women in Cardiff, as part of the outreach programme. The blocks were printed up on one large sheet of handmade paper. The professional quality of the prints led to the work being exhibited in the National Museum Cardiff.

As a direct result of the success of this workshop, the Trustees of Artes Mundi funded a series of workshops in Swansea and funded a short residency by Aleem dad Khan to contribute to the programme.

 2005-6: Festival of Muslim Cultures: UK 2006

Arts Council of Wales| Wales Arts International | Communities First | Common Investment Fund | Swansea Print Workshop.

Under the banner of the Festival of Muslim Cultures:UK 2006, Swansea Print Workshop established the Festival of Muslim Cultures Print Project; a year-long programme of printmaking activities, artist residencies, workshops and exhibitions.

 2005: The Contemporary Pakistani Printmakers exhibition,

Arts Council of Wales and part funded by Swansea Print Workshop

Curated by Sarah Hopkins and Sameera Khan, showcased the work of the country’s best printmakers. The exhibition was brought to Swansea, Wales in January 2006 and completed its UK tour in January 2007.

 2005: The 'All About Me' Photographic Project –

Swansea Arts Forum Trust

An exploration of identity devised and taught by Gaynor Hansen-Jones facilitated by SPW. The projects’ aim was to target people who attend community centres, who specifically suffer with mental health problems and was developed to explore personal and cultural identity.

 2004: Print Auction

Held at the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery in Alexandra Road, Swansea, the Workshop collaborated with the Josef Herman Trust to place 70 prints for auction.

 2004: Invited Artists Project:

Five local artists were invited to work with Sameera Khan to develop an aspect of printmaking new to them and then produce a limited edition of a print

 2004: Volunteer Participation Project

Arts Council of Wales

Develop programme to support and encourage volunteer activity in the studio.

2004: Photo Screenprint Project

You & Your Community: WCVS Millennium Award Scheme:

Aims of the Project: to upgrade the skills of the four artists using the photoscreenprint process and introduce it into the workshop programme in an accessible way. 

 2003: Dylan Thomas Print Project

Arts Council of Wales

This was a collaborative print project by twelve printmakers to produce a limited edition boxed set of prints.

especially when the october wind


Collectors item to mark the 50th anniversary of Dylan Thomas’ death

 2003: Access Project

Swansea Development Fund

Part time admin post and technician to increase access to the Workshop.

 2001-4: PrintWorks: Outreach Project

Arts Council of Wales: Arts for All Award

This project made printmaking available to any group in the community who wanted to get involved. With a core group of experienced workshop leaders we were able to take our mobile presses out to community venues on a wide ranging basis. The project was extremely successful in raising the profile of printmaking, not only in the voluntary sector, but also in mainstream education, where we can make significant contributions to curriculum requirements, outreach community college programmes and small art groups.

We worked with over 50 groups, nearly 500 workshops and over 6,000 attendances by the end of the project.

 2000: CASW Editioning Project

Contemporary Art Society for Wales: Year of the Artist Print Portfolio 2000

Swansea Print Workshop were commissioned to work with Glenys Cour to produce a limited edition print for the portfolio.

 2000: Print Auction

Sale of donated prints at the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery in Alexandra Road, Swansea to raise money for the shortfall in refurbishment costs for the Workshop premises.

 1999: Mobile Press Outreach Project

Millennium Award: Swansea Council for Voluntary Action

The award enabled the purchase of a mobile press and printmaking materials to explore the viability of printmaking activities in the local area and to build up community contacts whilst the main studio was being refurbished.