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Sarah Hopkins

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Sarah Hopkins has established her career as a printmaker and is based in Swansea, South Wales. She gained an MA in Fine Art with Distinction at Swansea Institute (now Swansea Metropolitan University) in 2003 and has worked as an artist since 1987, regularly exhibiting across the UK.

She has worked with a number of clients and organisations to create bespoke artwork for interior and public spaces, and was recently commissioned to produce an exclusive set of monoprints for the Espresso Bar at John Lewis Stores in Cardiff.

Drawing from years of experience and expertise, Sarah has created, managed and delivered a range of quality collaborative art projects working with groups in the community, education and healthcare sectors. In recent years she developed and managed Swansea Print Workshop’s Festival of Muslim Cultures Print Project and jointly curated Contemporary Welsh Printmakers Exhibition, which toured Pakistan in 2007. Most recently she was the Award Artist for the Josef Herman Foundation in 2008 and worked with primary school children across four counties in South Wales.
She is currently a full-time lecturer and Course Co-ordinator of the Foundation Diploma Art and Design programme at Gower College, Swansea. With an emphasis on the urban environment, Sarah’s work explores the impact of human intervention; declining industry, polluted landscapes and concrete facades of the inner city, all of which provide a wealth of material about the city and the people who live there.

I endeavour to transform the monolithic monstrosities that blot our landscape into everyday beauty; a beauty, which in its wonderful and bizarre quirkiness is an integral part of my neighbourhood.

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Transporter  Screenprint 2011 image size 41cm x 30cm