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Rose Davies

Graduating from Art College at the end of the 1970’s, I spent many years working with severely damaged and excluded people – drug and alcohol dependent, homeless - which has influenced me deeply and my art reflects my admiration for the beauty and resilience of the human body.

Artist's Statement
My work unashamedly centres on drawing from life and many of my drawings form the basis for printmaking. In an age where many seek to alter their looks artificially, wiping the hard-won marks of their lifelong endeavours from their faces and bodies, I revel in scrutinising the human figure and reflecting the experiences written all over it. I work mainly with the three colour separation monotype technique, producing unique pieces, which unlike many other printmaking techniques cannot be reproduced as an edition. I draw directly from life and then use these original drawings as inspiration for my prints. Each monotype also produces a ‘ghost’ which forms the basis of further work with oil pastels.