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John Abell Relief Prints

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The Horse with the Human Heart

John gave a talk at the Workshop as part of our celebrations of being a workshop for 15 Years.

He brought along a stunning array of prints for his large size graphic novel, The Horse with the Human Heart.

More of these images can be seen on YouTube here

J ABELL -001  J ABELL -006




His use of MDF as a substrate has opened up the possibilities for relief prints on several levels.

The first one of course is the size. Sheets of 8'x4' can be obtained from any builders merchant.

In terms of its area, it is a very cheap commodity compared with other printing blocks

As a machine made items the surface is very smooth and therefore is relatively easy to ink up and print.

You do need good sharp tools to cut into the blocks as it is harder than other materials

MDF carries certain hazards to health and has to be handled safely