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photo screenprint project

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The Project facilitated the upgrading of skills of the four participating artists in photo screenprinting techniques. It then provided the infrastructure to offer a completely new series of workshops to our client groups.

You & Your Community: WCVS Millennium Award Scheme: £10,000


Aims of the Project:

To upgrade the skills of the four artists: it involves pooling skills within the group but also paying for tutors from other printmaking organisations to provide training sessions at Swansea Print Workshop.

To bring an awareness of photo screenprinting to a public that is mainly unaware of the many forms of printmaking. Photo screenprint is an exciting way of producing an image with photographic imagery.  The project will benefit people of all ages, abilities and experience, whilst giving them the opportunity to work together in a group environment. It will also boost their self-confidence possibly with a view to aiding in new career ambitions or simply to increase their knowledge and awareness of new skills.

Participating artists:

Elissa Evans

Lucy Donald

Judith Stroud

Sheila Clark



This project is now complete and we have been able to offer a completely new series of workshops to our client groups. Additionally the Workshop has gained vital staff training and expertise. The equipment purchased for the project is now in use for general workshop programmes.