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Children’s Collagraph  Workshop

with artist Nina Morgan

Nina Childrens COLLAGRAPH 4

Half Term | Friday 21 February | 10.30 - 15.30pm | Maximum 8 places
One day workshop | all materials provided | £45   
Suitable for age 7 and upwards
Contact Nina Morgan to make a booking

Discover collagraph printmaking in this fun one day children’s workshop. A collagraph is a print that is made by making a collage of different textures. 

Create your own collagraph plate using different materials and textures provided.
Varnish, seal and dry your collagraph plates ready for printing.

Using different coloured inks provided, apply ink to your collagraph and Print from your collagraph plate using an etching press.

Nina Childrens COLLAGRAPH 5


We have put together a great programme of workshops for 2020. All the workshops will run as long as we have the minimum number to cover our costs. We keep the prices for workshops as low cost as we can whilst paying our artists a reasonable rate.

Adult and child [10+] combos are welcome on many of our courses if you both want to work alongside each other. Anyone putting together exam portfolios of art work will also find the programme very useful.



Coming up on Saturday is the start of our childrens workshop programme with a day making and printing collagraphs with artist Nina Morgan.

Brilliant starter workshops will give you a short taster to build confidence and find a process you can really work with.

There is a whole programme of Wednesday evenings you can dip in and out of which can take you through a whole range of drawing starting points into print and build your confidence in using equipment and materials. Anne Gullick, Kara Seaman and Rose Davies are all experienced teachers and have successfully helped many students put together their art portfolio as part of an application for a college course. But really we are printing for FUN and the sheer enjoyment of producing PRINTS

Adult and child [10+] combos are welcome on many of our courses if you both want to work alongside each other. Anyone putting together exam portfolios of art work will also find the programme very useful.

We have a very successful Life Drawing group running on a Thursday evenings. [6.30-9.30] These are good professional life models with a variety of poses over the evening. No booking required, just turn up. These are not taught sessions so you can explore your own personal agenda in terms of materials and approaches in a quiet professional friendly atmosphere.

If you are interested in starting to life draw and are a bit daunted by the prospect and could do with a bit of help, Patti Mckenna is running 4 sessions on Wednesdays starter for life drawing which approaches life drawing with some good basic direction and which will give you a great start working with a range of materials.

We will build on these later in the year with life drawing for print using processes which are sympathetic to direct drawing and observation.


Our two day weekend workshops include a great range of teachers and print processes.

CYANOTYPE | Kara Seaman is introducing cyanotypes to anyone who has not done it before or who wants to refresh their skills. This two day workshop will introduce the process of Cyanotype and the extraordinary range of source material that can be used with this light sensitive emulsion. Textile artists may be interested to use it as a basis for further machine work/ appliqué and embroidery.

ETCHING | Andrew Baldwin is back with us to share his immense knowledge of etching and his BIG ground. His etching process is such a rich creative tool with endless possibilities. So whether you are a complete beginner or want to refresh  your skills this etching weekend is one of our most popular and effective courses.

SCREENPRINTING WITH LAYERS | Kelly Stewart is back for two days of designing for colour layers and screenprinting. Her enthusiasm and expertise has allowed many people to get over their nervousness with an apparently complex process. With the aid of our trusty photocopier she demonstrates how you can use your source material – drawings /designs/photographs to build a multi coloured screenprint of great subtlety. Big emphasis on how you can draw directly to go on the screen and print. Excellent instruction on how to achieve transparent layers. No previous experience necessary.

BOOKBINDING | Carole King is an experienced bookbinder and teacher who has worked with us on successful projects before. She has a great range of binding techniques and we can only sample a couple in the two day workshop. She will be covering Coptic binding as it allows a whole range of different papers to be bound together. This is one of the most useful and decorative and practical approaches for making artist books.

SCREENPRINTING | Chitra Marchant is demonstrating a completely different approach to making images supported by the screenprint process. Thanks to Dhyana Fritsche for inviting Chitra and arranging the workshop. This workshop is fully booked.

COLLAGRAPH | We haven’t done a collagraph workshop for a long time, even though it is one of the most accessible techniques with a vast array of effects. Lesley Lillywhite and Anne Gullick are both experienced printmakers and this is a chance to experience the huge range of opportunities. This is a process where you can get on with making the printing blocks at home on the kitchen table. The first day will be making blocks and the second devoted to printing. No previous experience necessary – we will be starting from scratch.

WOODCUTS | John Abell is truly one of the most amazingly prolific printers – and he can work on a huge scale printing entirely by hand without the aid of a press. His compositions are rich in cultural references and narrative and these are just as influential and fascinating as the  way he physically cuts the block. The printing blocks are MDF  and you will have a chance to work large if you want to. If you don’t know his work already have a look at some of these references

WOODENGRAVING | Kath Littler is an experienced woodengraver and teacher. This is a fabulous technique for those of you who like to design in black and white. If you have done lino-cuts before you will understand the process , though engraving is much finer. Again, this is a process you can do at home and you can get a lot of prints off these little blocks with care. You could look at Kath’s site and our local woodengraver Sally Hands. Above-Stromness.jpg

SCREENPRINTING | Sarah Hopkins will be doing another workshop using paper stencils as a quick and effective route to colour layers with a strong design element. This workshop is particularly good for designing for opaque colour layers with a very free approach to desining through cutting and tearing paper as apposed to drawing.

RADICAL STREET ART | Rose Davies has still to elaborate on what this entails – but its bound to be fun and we definetly need more radical art. More details to follow.

RADICAL POSTER ART | Rose Davies. The power of the poster has been demonstrated throughout history. Rose will take you through some of the simple processes to produce effective [and radical] text and imagery and transfer to screen for printing. No previous experience necessary

ADVANCED COLLAGRAPH | Experienced artist and teacher Peter Spriggs will take you from the beginner stage to push the technique to its limits.

If you see something you would like to do and its on an inconvenient date let us know and we’ll keep you on a list



Visit our dedicated website showcasing this beautiful Collector’s Item.

box set homepage 2 green 

If you know someone who is looking for an extra special gift or artwork for a business or department then please pass on the Boxed Set details. A framed set of the prints can be seen in the main hall of the Dylan Thomas Centre.  Click here for more details 


Keyholder Membership Available: GIVING ACCESS TO STUDIO FACILITIES 24/7

See the members page for details 

19a Clarence Street Swansea SA1 3QR

01792 464418

The studio is close to the town centre in Clarence Street, no 19a right opposite the central Bus Station. It has 1 hour parking outside. Wheelchair access not a problem.

Sarah Hopkins |  Screenprinting with paper stencils

May 26/27.

Those of you who are familiar with her work will know that she has her own unique approach to designing for print, capitalising on cut and torn paper stencils to build up the design through coloured layers. No coating of screens, no exposures – just cutting and a lot of thought!

This is a very open, non technical approach enabling great flexibility as you go through the design process.


Anne Gullick | Putting pencil to paper

A short  course for beginners, to introduce and develop drawing skills, in a friendly environment.

Thursday mornings June 7  | 14 | 28 | July 5 |  12 | 10.00 -12.30 at the Workshop 

 £60 for six sessions, payable at first class.


Rose Davies | Printmaking Masterclass with Swansea Print Workshop

Glynn Vivian Activity

16 Jun 2018 - 17 Jun 2018 | 11.00AM. Ends at 4.00pm

Room 1 | Glynn Vivian | Alexandra Road Swansea SA1 5DZ

Booking essential - £80 for two day workshop, all materials provided 16+
Join Rose Davies, in this two day printmaking and drawing masterclass. Explore the life, and political activism of Käthe Kollwitz through her etchings and woodcuts, using the exhibition as a catalyst to create your own edition of drypoint and/or relief prints.

Web address: www.glynnviviangallery.orgOpens new window

Ticket address: new window


Drawing and Designing day with with Kelly Stewart

Drawing Day | Friday June 29| 9.30-4.0pm
Full/ Keyholder member £30 | Ordinary Member £40 |Non Member £50


Creating Artist Books with Kelly Stewart
Things of Joy | Screenprinting and Bookbinding

Screenprinting Workshop | Saturday June 30 and Sunday July 1 | 10.00-4.30
Full/ Keyholder member £110 | Ordinary Member £130 |Non Member £150


Etching Safely at Swansea Print Workshop

Introduction to BIG etching | Workshop with Andrew Baldwin
2 Day Workshop | August 1, August 2 | Max 6 people
£100 Full/Keyholder member  |£110 Ordinary Member | £140 Non-member

This is a full introduction to the etching process and will include hard ground, soft ground, aquatint techniques using BIG grounds.

For more details see our website |


Sameera Khan  | Collagraph workshop

Saturday August 4 and Sunday August 5 | 2018

Sameera was our Studio Manager for several years. She is a skilled and supportive teacher with deep understanding of collagraph.

She is particularly skilled at printing and getting amazing results from collagraph blocks. This is a chance to bring along blocks you already have - or start a new one.

 Full/ Keyholder member £70 | Ordinary Member £100 |Non Member £140


Rose Davies | Monotype Workshop |

Saturday and Sunday | August 11th and 12th


Nawr Yr Arwr \ Now The Hero

I first encountered Frank Brangwyn’s Empire Panels at a very young age during school speech days and I have been influenced by his monumental design, his drawing skills and exuberant colours ever since. This two day course will draw inspiration from the flora, fauna and people in these panels, working with a three-colour monotype technique, pioneered by Impressionists Degas and Monet, and given a contemporary spin by American printmaker Vinita Voogd. You will have two unique pieces, one full-colour and one “ghost”, using the highest quality inks and papers, reflecting the richness and diversity of these magnificent murals

Rose Davies has already made brief film of the commissioned work she has done for Nawr Yr Arwr / Now The Hero. This can be seen on her website Man Child