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screenprinting facilities

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Screenprinting is becoming increasingly popular with our users, especially with the use of direct drawing techniques.

Screenprinting Press: Bed Size 51”x 36”


screenprinting press

Large vacuum bed:

The large screen printing vacuum bed can take screens of up to 43" x 64". The screen printing area is designed to function on a water based, solvent free basis. It is equipped to handle large screens, with wash out facility and coating area nearby.

 Portable screen-printing units

Portable screen-printing units

We have six portable screens with hinges and bases that service small groups and outreach projects.

The studio stocks a large range of System 3 Acrylic colours and the printing medium with which to mix them. We also store a variety of screens and squeegees for use by members and users.

Screenprinting:Direct drawing techniques

The ultra violet exposure unit is used for processing photo stencil screens or alternatively, a nearby workstation is available for cutting paper stencils or working directly on to a screen with filler.

Screenprinting area and drying rack

A large drying rack nearby allows finished prints to dry safely.