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relief press

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Columbian Relief Press: Bed size 36” x 24”.

Built in 1853, this is a beautiful example of this type of press and is used for woodblock and lino prints. This nineteenth century lever press is capable of printing blocks of up to 100cm x 60cm (39" x 25") in size. Equipped with a double skinned tympan which will carry packing, it does require considerable pressure for the very large blocks.

The Columbian relief press in use.

The Columbian relief press in use.

It was formally owned by the printmaker Bernard Green who worked in Solva, Pembrokeshire for a lot of his life. He produced a tremendous range of landscapes using the reduction method of relief printing. One of his prints hangs next to the press to remind us of the quality of printing this press is capable of.

A selection of wooden letterpress type donated to the studio

SPW have rollers in a range of sizes and hardness along with inks and papers suited to all types of relief work. We supply lino or plywood and maintain good quality cutting tools for use by our members.