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Swansea Print Workshop operates an open access policy. Anyone can use the facilities during scheduled open access hours or by becoming full members. The workshop is run by experienced printmakers and is designed to meet the needs of both beginners and professionals alike.

A variety of workshops and master classes take place regularly in the main studio, where beginners and experienced printmakers can often be seen working side by side. There is excellent natural light and a comprehensive facility for creating prints of all kinds.

 We have facilities for relief printing, collagraph, etching and screenprinting. See individual sections for the bed sizes of the presses available. A UV exposure unit supports the exposure of plates and screens for photo etch and photo screenrint. Additionally it is used for the popular process of cyanotype

Glass topped inking areas provide work surfaces and a large selection of relief, etching and water based inks are available. There is also provision for dampening and drying large sheets of paper, a grounds preparation area and a drying cupboard for curing plates.

We stock a full range of materials and papers specifically chosen to ensure quality and consistency of outcome and are happy to offer advice to users and visitors on all aspects of the workshop.

The following papers and materials are stocked in the studio for your convenience, prices available on request.

PAPER unit/size
BFK Rives, white, 250gsm 560 × 760mm (A1)
Somerset Textured, Soft white 300gsm 560 x 760mm (A1)
Bockingford drawing & watercolour (acid free) 300gsm 560 x 760mm (A1)
Simili Japon 225gsm 640 x 960mm
Zerkall, white, 145gsm 530 × 760mm
Arches 88, 300gsm 560 × 760mm
Lambeth Cartridge Paper A1, 130gsm 594 × 841mm
Lambeth Cartridge Paper A1, 160gsm 594 × 841mm
Cartridge Paper A2, 135gsm 420 × 597mm
Snowden Cartridge Paper, 300gsm 500 × 700mm
Sugar, grey medium weight 508 x 635mm
Newsprint (kitchen paper) 52gsm 504 × 768mm
Blotting, wet strength 315g 610 x 860mm
Tissue, unglazed, acid free

500 x 750mm

Tissue, unglazed, acid free

750 × 1000mm


PLATE unit/size
Lino, 3.2mm thick 300 × 300mm
Relief Printing Vinyl 200 × 300mm
Wood Block Various
Polished Copper, 18 guage 150 × 100mm
Polished Copper, 18 guage 250 × 200mm
Polished Copper, 18 guage 300 × 250mm
Aluminium, 20 guage 250 × 200mm
Aluminium, 20 guage 300 × 250mm
Aluminium, 20 guage 500 × 500mm
Toyobo Printight Solar Plate, 0.73mm 200 × 166mm
Toyobo Printight Solar Plate, 0.73mm 297 × 210mm (A4)
Toyobo Printight Solar Plate, 0.73mm A3
Clear Acrylic Plate, 3mm (coated both sides) 300 × 250mm
Drypoint Paper Plate 500 × 700mm



Screen Coating & Stripping *

Small screen
Screen Coating & Stripping * Large screen
Screen Hire Small
Screen Hire Large
Mark Resist (Tru-grain) A4
Laser Printer Film (Acetate)


also applies to screen reclamation with pregan paste


OTHER ITEMS unit/size
Cutting Tools, Japanese style (wood, lino) Box 5 & sharp stone
Scrim for wiping etching plates 45” wide / metre
Polythene bag 610 x 914mm



Print-outs (coloured ink)

Acetate A4, Paper A4/A3

Print-outs (black ink)

Acetate A4, Paper A4/A3


INKS ETC unit/size
Cyanotype chemicals Per 100ml mixed
Etching and Relief ink  A4 proof
Screen Printing

150ml cup medium or 2nd hand mixed ink/150ml new mixed ink