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Members Exhibition

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Members Exhibition| July 2018

A chance for members to showcase original prints. All work must be for sale. Work will be sold directly off the wall. We will then fill in with either a replacement print or other work we have in reserve. You can offer prints framed and unframed. 

Date of opening | Friday July 6 | 6.30-9.30

Date of take down | Monday July 30th 10.00 onwards

The title of the exhibition is Print Explosion@Volcano
This is being held in the Seaside Gallery at the Volcano Theatre in High Street.
We have the gallery from Monday July 2nd until 30th
Selection day and arrangements for drop off

Work to be delivered to the gallery on the morning of Monday July 2 | 10.30 onwards

We haven’t exhibited in this space before so the selection process will be about available space and putting on a varied show.

Full members and Keyholders can bring along up to 8 works and Ordinary members 4

There will also be available space for browsers.

Full conditions for entry are on the website on a dedicated page in the Members section.

If you have any work ready that you are going to submit, please email a photograph[s] for the advance publicity as soon as you can to me

As parking is problematic in the area we will need help in the gallery to quickly unload and unpack the work. There will be a list in the studio and on the web page of where help is needed and you can sign up there, ring in and leave a message or email us

It may be easier to assemble work at Clarence Street and load into one car rather than several people trying to park. You will have to arrange this individually

Cost to members | £10 for Full members and £5 for Ordinary members

Pricing of you work should allow for a 20% commission rate for Volcano.

All framed work to be mirror plated

you can put as much work as you like in the browsers, but we would ask you to bring it into the studio by Saturday so that we can allocate display space

You must also submit a list of work with the relevant details