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Touring Exhibitions

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Swansea Print Workshop Exhibitions available for touring

Exhibitions commissioned by Swansea Print Workshop are available for hire through Swansea Print Workshop’s Exhibition Touring Programme. For further details and the availability of these exhibitions, please contact us.

  List of Touring Exhibitions:

Our new exhibition Dylan Thomas Dialogues will be available from March 2014 after the launch of the exhibition at the Taliesin Gallery and the city wide celebrations to mark the centenary of Dylan Thomas' birth.

Swansea based printmakers are producing a limited edition set of original prints to commemorate this anniversary.

Follow our blog to see more aboout the project or go to our current project page

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Dylan Thomas Print : especially when the October wind     AVAILABLE NOW

 This exhibition marked the 50th anniversary of Dylan Thomas’ death. Twelve Wales-based Printmakers responded to Dylan Thomas’ poem, ‘especially when the October wind’ - a poem with particular resonance to the Swansea landscape, the town of his birth and source of inspiration.

View the prints and find out more on our collectors item pages.

Our Touring Package includes a framed set of twelve prints |a boxed set for display purposes |beautifully designed catalogue for sale | illustrative material for wall display | Powerpoint presentation |

We can also arrange an Artist Talk and associated Workshops appropriate for your venue.