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Visiting Exhibitions

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We encourage visiting exhibitions to Swansea Print Workshop as we see these as a great chance to exchange ideas and inspiration and to build international relationships as well as develop those closer to home.  

We welcome proposals for print exhibitions, exchanges and collaborative ideas from printmakers and print workshops around the world. Contact us with your proposal.

We particularly encourage our members to contact us with any ideas and proposals for any printmaker or print exhibition they would like to see shown at Swansea Print Workshop.

July to August 2012: Leftovers II

Swansea Print Workshop hosted ‘Leftovers II’ - an exhibition of miniature prints by international artists. From Boise, Idaho, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, the exhibition successfully toured the USA and New Zealand before coming to Swansea.

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Leftovers 2    75 5

Contemporary Pakistani Printmakers| Oriel Ceri Richards | Swansea | January 2006

Festival of Muslim Culture 2header

Festival of Muslim Culture 3 header

As part of the Festival of Muslim Cultures project this visiting exhibition was arranged and curated by Sameera Khan, Studio Manager and Sarah Hopkins, Project Coordinator. It then went on to tour in two other venues


Supporting the Contemporary Pakistani Printmakers exhibition is a tri-lingual exhibition catalogue, which is published in English, Welsh and Urdu.


The exhibition and supporting material provided a specially appointed Outreach Team with a resource for teaching, informing local children, students and community groups about contemporary approaches to printmaking under the theme of 'Image and Symbol and Text'.

Contemporary Pakistani Printmakers| St Donats Arts Centre | Vale of Glamorgan | March 2006

Contemporary Pakistani Printmakers| Sultan Gallery | Lancaster | March 2006