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Digital Imaging training project

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Swansea Print Workshop was awarded an Arts Council of Wales Training Grant of £3,750 towards our ‘Digital Imaging’ project.

Knowing how to work with digital images is becoming increasingly important for printmakers - not only within the printmaking processes such as photo etching, photo screenprint and cyanotype but it is now a common request that artwork be submitted in a digital format for exhibitions and competitions, websites, portfolios and published catalogues.

The ‘Digital Imaging’ project will provide a series of both introductory and intermediate training workshops for members to gain knowledge in working with digital images for a wide range of applications.

One introductory workshop will provide training in the photographing and scanning of artwork so that you will have the skills and confidence to make a digital record of their artwork as well as being able to produce high quality digital images for professional submissions.

The second area of training will be in the use of Photoshop. We will be offering both introductory and intermediate workshops for you to gain skills in computer editing and image manipulation in preparing high quality images for use in printmaking processes.


The Arts Council of Wales grant will also enable Swansea Print Workshop to purchase new equipment so that you will see the benefit of updated and improved technical facilities.

A new photographic lighting/copy stand will provide members access to a facility for photographing high quality images of their artwork.

Additional and up to date I.T. equipment will ensure Swansea Print Workshop will be able to offer improved technical facilities for use during Open Access sessions as well as enabling us to deliver a wide range of contemporary printmaking workshops to a high standard.

We anticipate the programme running from February to May 2011 and we hope that you will want to take advantage of the training being offered.

As places will be limited and heavily subsidized we anticipate these workshops being popular so it would be very helpful if you could register your interest on the form below, if you think you would like to take part.

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