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Members Exhibition at the Volcano Gallery July 4th to July 26th
This is your chance to sell work either from the framed work on the wall or from browsers.
Marketing and Publicity
If you have a print we can use for marketing and publicity for the event please send a jpg to  The file should be named in the following way
Name Title Medium
eg jackie-ford cwmpenmachno linocut.jpg

OPENING NIGHT | Thursday July 4 | 6.30 - 9.30pm
There will be a bar to purchase drinks and we will be supplying nibbles of various kinds. If you can help Anne Gullick with the organising of refreshments please get in touch with her
We hope this will be even more successful than last year.

The drop off day is Tuesday July 2 | 10.30 – 12.30
There will be an element of selection on the day largely related to the amount of space and putting on a good varied show.
The gallery is in the High Street, down from the Railway Station. Parking is at a premium. If you are delivering work by car, it is possible to stop briefly by pulling up on the pavement directly outside and we will have helpers who will quickly bring the work in for you. Please make sure that any packaging has your name and details on it. Also we suggest making an envelope of bubble wrap so that the frame can be taken out quickly and easily and the packaging can easily be identified and re-used. If you can stay and help it is probably best to park opposite where Homebase used to be. It is just a short walk up Kings Lane onto the High Street then.
Pricing and the catalogue
The work will then be checked off against the catalogue list you have supplied us with, which will then form the basis of the sales list and catalogue for the gallery.
The Gallery will sell work from the walls during the exhibition and will collect 20% commission – so your pricing should reflect this. They send us an account at the end of the exhibition and pay a lump sum to the studio minus the commission. The studio will then pay artists on receipt of an invoice.
We would prefer recent work on the walls but if you have popular prints that will sell – that’s what we are aiming for.
Artists Cards
We are placing more emphasis on cards this year and are purchasing some display units – so there is time to get these organised. These could be original, handprinted artist cards / or reproductions of your prints.
We will also be showing a range of donated prints from our artist members which represent a ‘bargain’ area.
Our outreach projects have also given us a range of prints to sell.
Framed work
should be mirror plated and fully labelled on the back
Browser prints
should also be labelled on the back in the same way.
All work should be protected and packaged on a stiff peice of card
Entry Fee
There is a one-off entry fee of £10. The gallery costs nearly £300 for the month which includes the bar for the opening night and supervision of the gallery for all their opening hours.
Entry Forms
We require entry forms to be submitted digitally as we have a short window to get the final catalogue together. Please email Jackie for the entry form
Deadline for the forms
Friday June 28 | If you can send in well before that it would be helpful


Alternative mark making and printing methods | Anne Gullick
Saturday | July 13 | 2019 |  10.30 - 4.00
Members £15.00 Non- members £20.00
An introduction to the way that the workshop has resources for its members to become more creative and try new approaches
A “fun” day in which to play with mixed media using different methods and tools.
Exploring mark making, simple print techniques and ways of making colourful layers to create striking images and patterns, some of which could be developed into more formal print at a later workshop.  Bring along any suitable inks, paints, papers and your ideas! Some materials will be available for use or purchase in the studio.
There are still a few places left on this workshop | CONTACT | | 01792 464418 | Call in to the studio Tuesday or thursday 10.30 - 4.30 to reserve a place

Designing and Drawing a Fold Book | Anne Gullick
Saturday June 15 | 10.30- 4.00
Members £15.00 Non-members £ 20.00
Drawing in pen and ink to produce a fold book of your chosen images or theme. Washes can be applied in a variety of media , to enhance your work and provide colourful, tonal or monochromatic pages. An opportunity to spend a relaxing and creative day with the freedom to experiment in a range of media. No experience is necessary. A selection of materials will be available to use, with paper provided for your fold book. Do bring along any pens, inks, felt tips, fine liners, paints of your own.Some designs could be taken into print at a later workshop.

Drawing and Designing day with with Kelly Stewart 
Friday July 5 | 10.00 - 4.00
Full/ Keyholder member £30 | Ordinary Member £40 |Non Member £50

20190524 132049-003
We are liaising with Swansea Museum Stores to access items from their collection not usually available to the public. They have a very large number of items from the old Swansea Natural History Museum in store. Drawers and drawers of butterflies, moths ,insects etc as well as a huge range of taxidermy. We have in the past gone to the stores to do drawing days from their amazing eclectic collection. In view of the fragility of the items this time we are using the education room at Swansea Museum.
We have chosen to use a selection of small birds from their taxidermy collection. These will be mounted on small polystyrene blocks as they cannot be handled directly. This an opportunity to develop some great images.
Kelly's expertise is developing your drawings for screenprint. Even if you are not doing the screenprinting course with Kelly on the next day, this is an inspirational course into how to use your first hand material into print using layers of colour, which can be applied to a range of print processes.
If you are not interested in drawing the bird collection there is a wealth of interesting material in the museumfor you to choose from.
Swansea Museum would also be interested in art work which promotes their collection so it will be interesting to see what we can develop from this workshop. This might be cards for sale in the shop or an exhibition of work.

Creating Artist Postcard sets with Kelly Stewart | Screenprinting
Saturday and Sunday July 6 and 7| 10.00-4.30
Full/ Keyholder member £110 | Ordinary Member £130 |Non Member £150

This 2 day workshop will show you how to create a series of A6 postcards or mini prints via the screenprinting process. There will be an additional, optional preliminary drawing day where students will be drawing on location. These drawings will then be photocopied, enlarged/reduced/ cropped etc to create a series of A6 layouts in preparation for a 4 colour print.
If you haven't attended the drawing day it is not a problem. Just bring along material you would like to see developed as postcards. Drawings you have already made, items you want to draw etc.

We will create colour separations and expose them onto the screen. The final day will be screenprinting the designs/drawings onto A6 card and or paper in a range of colours.

Students will receive a high quality A6 box to keep their postcards in

To book a place on a course
please email or call in the studio.

Telephone calls can be taken on Tuesdays and Thursdays | 10.30 - 4.00
Please note: ALL COURSES must be paid in full to guarantee your place on the course. In the event you can’t attend, we will only refund any fees paid if we can fill your place.
Payment is by cheque | Cash | BACS TRANSFER |
Card payments can be taken in the studio
BACS payment
Bank details Swansea Print Workshop | 09-01-29 | A/N 37942494

PLEASE NOTE | if you use this method of payment please send us an email to notify us that the payment has been made and we will send you a receipt and an acknowledgement that your place is reserved. 

20190524 131701 20190524 131822
Two new books added to our library.
Lisa Hooper specialises in wildlife printmaking using a range of printmaking techniques which are well illustrated. The books are out to view in the kitchen area at the moment for a quick browse over a cup of tea!
If you see a book you think would be useful to members please let us know.
If you are interested in providing a review of a printmaking book send it to
We are currently reviewing our library of resources and would welcome help from any member who has some time and interest to do it.

20190524 131744 20190524 132027

Members Newsletter | March 2018

Members Meeting | Tuesday March 20 | 6.0-7.0pm



1.      Members Exhibition| July 2018  

This is being held in the Seaside Gallery at the Volcano Theatre in High Street.

We have the gallery from Monday July 2nd until 30th

We have to arrange

·         Selection day and arrangement

·         Date of opening event

·         Date of take down.

·         Cost to members

The total cost to the Workshop is £242 which will includes

·         Supervision of the exhibition

·         Sales

·         Licensed bar provision & bar staff @ nil cost | Opening night

·         There is also the opportunity to put on workshops in the space during this period. We can take down one of the small presses for this purpose

2.      Now the Hero Project |WWW.NOWTHEHERO.WALES

Discussion of the Workshop’s involvement in this project.

Proposal | This is only an outline proposal, all ideas very welcome at the meeting.

August| Joint visit to the Brangwyn Panels by members interested in producing a print within the theme of the project. Followed by tea and cake at the studio and a discussion of ideas and any research material you can share.

Rose Davies has already made brief film of the commissioned work she has done for Nawr Yr Arwr / Now The Hero. This can be seen on her website Man Child

Two collaborative workshops will follow. Please note that these are not for absolute beginners. There is plenty of time to get an introduction to these techniques before August.

1.       Relief printing | lead by Alan Figg

2.       Three colour monotype | lead by Rose Davies

Members will be invited to submit work for an in-house exhibition to take place during the project. Jonathan has outlined the possible dates below. We could have a week long exhibition/ open house

The Now for More (formerly Now the Weekend) activities have now grown & split into 2 weekends of activities with exhibition openings on Friday 21st evening and Sat 22nd daytime, whilst there are more performance based activities on Sat 29th daytime/evening. so you can do your drop in day/s on the 22nd & 29th...or one or the other. If there is your exhibition then that could be open for the week in between? let me know what you think, but i'll leave you on the 29th for now.


This is the generic outline of the Workshop's intentions on the Now THe Hero website

Swansea Print Workshop - Brangwyn the Printmaker
Brangwyn was an accomplished multidisciplinary artist; he was a draughtsman, engraver, watercolourist and designer of stained glass, ceramics, textiles and furniture, among others, and a gifted printmaker, which is the form we will be exploring.
Drawing inspiration from the wealth of print media in which Brangwyn worked, including etching, woodcut and lithography, Swansea Print Workshop’s artists will respond to the rich visual wealth of the sumptuous panels.

We will be producing a body of work following this exploration, and inviting collaborators to exhibit alongside us in this well-established hidden gem for the duration of Nawr Yr Arwr.

3.   Workshops | coming up | all details on the website

Vinita Voogd | Three Colour Monotype | March 23/24

Sarah Hopkins | Screenprinting with paper stencils |May 26/27

Kelly Stewart | Screenprinting with bookbinding to make artist books| June 29/30/31

4. AOB

Members Newsletter January 2018


Members Annual Show | July 2018 | Volcano Theatre Gallery



 Tower Gallery Exhibition |

Following the invitation by Tower Gallery in Crickhowell, 10 SPW members are exhibiting a selection of current work. The Exhibition runs from 10th January to 3rd March 2018

WORKSHOP PROGRAMME | Screenprinting with Sarah Hopkins

Screenprinting with Paper stencils

A repeat of this very popular workshop is scheduled for May 26 and 27
Those of you who are familiar with her work will know that she has her own unique approach to designing for print, capitalising on cut and torn paper stencils to build up the design through coloured layers. No coating of screens, no exposures – just cutting and a lot of thought!

This is a very open, non technical approach enabling great flexibility as you go through the design process.

Start time 10.00 AM finish at 4.30 with a break for lunch.

Full/ Keyholder member £110 | Ordinary Member £120 |Non Member £140
This includes all the inks, paper and materials you will need to print a small series of prints
ALSO included for all members is one free open access session to finish any work not completed on the course
Please note: ALL COURSES must be paid in full to guarantee your place on the course. In the event you can’t attend, we will only refund any fees paid if we can fill your place.
Payment is by cheque | Cash | if more convenient we can send you BACS transfer details

This workshop is now fully booked but if you are interested in doing it we can put you on a list for a first alert for the next one. Mail to | Jackie Ford

 Screenprinting Monotype Sarah Hopkins Monotype

Sarah will be delivering this workshop on the weekend of February 10 and 11 |2018
Using photographs, cut and torn paper stencils you will create a series of portraits, printing and off-setting 'ghost images' and layers of colours. A very open, non-technical and simple process, you will enjoy the freedom to experiment.
What you will need:

A cutting mat
A good cutting knife
A protective overall or old clothes
A4 photocopies of a photographic portrait you would like to use
Full/ Keyholder member £110 | Ordinary Member £120 |Non Member £140
This includes all the inks, paper and materials you will need to print a small series of prints
ALSO included for all members is one free open access session to finish any work not completed on the course
Please note: ALL COURSES must be paid in full to guarantee your place on the course. In the event you can’t attend, we will only refund any fees paid if we can fill your place.
Payment is by cheque | Cash | if more convenient we can send you BACS transfer details
You can also pay by card in the studio

Open Access sessions are still running on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the week along with Life Drawing on Thursday evenings -for Sunday openings please check by phoning the workshop on the above days.

One-to-one training sessions are also available and our website will keep you updated with training courses.

General information on the Workshop is on our website and if you have any enquiries or want to book into Open Access or one-to-one training, please ring the Workshop on 01792 464418 during the Open Access sessions.


As we have no staff and rely on volunteers we have unfortunately got well behind with our reminders this year. We would very much welcome the renewal of your membership, either as an active participant in printmaking and exhibiting activities or as a supporter of our events and sales.

The Workshop has little public funding and members and the volunteers are rallying round to keep the Workshop going.

If you have time and feel you can help in any way please contact jackie at

Members newsletter | August 2017

Exhibiting opportunities

SPW | Members Exhibition @ Oystermouth Castle

Exhibition dates: September 1st - September 10th.

Exhibition dates: September 1st - September 10th.
This is an opportunity to show a small selection of work at this much visited tourist attraction. It will also attract extra interest by being on display on Sept 9th, Open Doors day.
There are 16 panels with approx 24”wide X 48”high hanging space.
Roger and Ruth Parmiter have kindly offered to collect the work from the studio and hang it on August 31.
If you would like to be included in this could you email or text 07963769780 to confirm by Tuesday August 15. I will then contact you by return to let you know the space available to you
Framed work only with mirror plates please
The work needs to be labelled on the back with Name /Title / Medium / Price / Contact telephone no.
Drop off days| Sunday 27 and Tuesday 29

SPW@Tower Gallery | Oriel Twr | Crickhowell

Usk Valley Artists’ Co-operative
WE have been offered the opportunity to exhibit at this gallery from 10th January - 2nd March 2018.

Tower Gallery Crickhowell

This is open to members to submit work. If you would like to submit work could you register your interest in any of the following ways       TEXT | 07963769780

You will then be contacted with further information about the space and the drop off days.

The Tower Gallery in Crickhowell is a fine art co-operative gallery founded by its members in 2014, and is known as the home of the Usk Valley Artists. The gallery has a new exhibition of work every eight weeks, featuring each member, or invited artists and fine art craftspeople. It is open from 10am -5pm, Wednesday to Saturday


Hannah Firmin: Illustrator and printmaker |Graeme Galvin: Theatre designer and printmaker| Michael Howard: Painter| Kay Leverton: Scraperboard artist |Lesley Lillywhite: Artist printmaker| Harriet Lloyd: Painter and collagist| Robert Macdonald: Painter and printmaker| Philippine Sowerby: Artist in wood


49 High Street | Crickhowell | Powys NP8 1BH | Telephone:01873 812495

Email: |
Workshops coming up

Chris Carter | October 3-5

Kelly Stewart | October | date to be confirmed

Sarah Hopkins | January | date to be confirmed

Workshop with visiting American Artist | Chris Carter
Enhanced Colour for Artists and Printmakers

Chris Carter header

October 3 – 5 | 2017 | 10:30 am - 4:30 pm

To register contact Anne Gullick ( or 01792207620)

Questions? contact cell (USA): 00 1 908-399-5186

Fee:   £140 non-members,   £130 ordinary members,     £120 full/keyholder members

DESCRIPTION: We begin with a simplified explanation of basic colour theory and how it can be helpful to determine the result of applying layers of colour during the printmaking process. Next, we determine colour tone (value) on our palettes and observe how the tone and hue changes when pigments are mixed or layered. From that strong foundation of understanding how pigments interact, we will mix beautiful neutrals using a limited palette of six pigments to further understand and predict the result of layered interactions. Finally, we explore how choosing colour by tone and temperature can strengthen both design and composition.

Tues | Saturated colour and effects of layered hues

Wed | Colour tone (value) and temperature  

Thursday| Beautiful Neutrals and making choices that enhance and strengthen your work.

American artist, Chris Carter, travels extensively to explore the world with pen and brush and to observe the nuances of colour as it changes with the passage of time and season. Both at home and abroad, she draws and paints daily in sketchbooks, studying the natural world and the inventions of mankind; cities, roadways, machinery and objects of all sorts. She brings the knowledge gleaned from her sketches and color studies back into the studio to better express in large, abstract paintings, her greatest passion of all, movement through space and the patterns of energy.

Visit her website at

American artist, Chris Carter comes highly recommended with this in depth practical study of colour workshop. See full details on the current workshop page

Newsleter July 2017

open day 2017 composite

Open Days

Many Many thanks to all those who contributed to the success of our Open Days in June. It was a success in financial terms as well as attracting new visitors and print buyers to the studio. As a result we have more people on our mailing list for future events.

open day 2017 composite 2

We took approximately £2500 over the week, with nearly £1000 of this going directly to artist print sales. The rest was made of up sales of donated prints /refreshments /cards and the raffle.

Particular thanks to the artist who put on the print demonstrations on Saturday and Sunday, which was a big draw for many of the visitors. Although most of the sales were on the weekend it was worth opening for the rest of the week as there was a steady trickle of visitors and some more sales. Many thanks to those who gave up their time to look after the exhibition and talk to visitors during that week.

The Brecknock Trust

Due to the good offices of Robert Macdonald, one of our directors, the Brecknock Trust have once again given us a grant, this time for £1500. We are investing it in an upgrade of some of our IT support and an A3 scanner for the computer in the drawing room. This is more satisfactory than using a camera for scanning work and represents a considerable investment for us. Our last one cost £1000 and worked for 10 years so we can’t complain. Members are welcome to use the scanner to get their work digitised. You can scan direct to Photoshop Elements and do any tweaking there.

Kelly Stewart Workshop

KS ws drawing day

We were lucky with the weather on the drawing day at Mumbles and had a great range of drawings at the end of it.

Kelly’s workshop was an intensive process covering layers of printing with multiple images on screen and challenges for registration. The outcomes were great and we learnt a lot about organising images and print set up as well as colour and ink management. It made us re-think some aspects of our set-up

.KS Drawings

Keeping the use of the power washer to an absolute minimum. Most of the wash up was done at the printing table with a bowl of water and clean sponge. Hosing down screens gently initially in the washout bay, where chemicals are used, rather than blasting them into the air unnecessarily.

ks workshop

IMG 5836

We will no longer be providing plastic pots for mixing ink. Instead we would ask people to bring their own jam jars with lids which can be washed and re-cycled.

Bowls are provided for mixing inks – this enables a really good mix and the spatulas get every last drop of your mix ready to use. Anything you want to keep or make available for others to use can go in a jam jar.

A full set of notes from the workshop are in the Workshop manual in the studio for reference. Anyone who attended the workshop will be emailed a copy.

Kelly will be back in October to run a workshop, so if you are interested let us know. She can also offer the printing course plus the opportunity to make an artist book incorporating print with bookbinding.

WORKSHOP | Screenprinting with Sarah Hopkins

SPW open day 2017 040617 021SPW open day 2017 040617 021

Sarah is running this workshop on the weekend of August 5 and 6. Those of you who are familiar with her work will know that she has her own unique approach to designing for print, capitalising on cut and torn paper stencils to build up the design through coloured layers. No coating of screens, no exposures – just cutting and a lot of thought!

This is a very open, non technical approach enabling great flexibility as you go through the design process.

We are offering this workshop in house first to members before we open it up to the general public.

See workshop page for full details