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Sameera Khan

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Sameera Khan is from Hunza, in the North of Pakistan and the first female artist to have had the opportunity to undertake a formal art education in Fine Arts from National College of Arts in Lahore. She gained a first class degree and was awarded a bursary from the Aga Khan Foundation to travel to Sheffield Hallam University in UK to enrol on a Masters course in Print Media Fine Arts. She received print studio management training at London Print Studio and as a result of this was Print Studio Manager for Swansea Print Workshop from 2004 to 2007. Part of her role at the Workshop was to conduct advanced printmaking classes and coordinate support programmes for artists. Sameera has participated in exhibitions nationally and internationally. Currently she is based in New Jersey, USA and is working as a gallery coordinator for New Jersey Printmaking Council as well as focusing on her own art practice.

Artist's Statement
My work attempts to look at themes that revolve around personal narratives based on ever changing elements taken from every day life and questions relating to space, place and identity.

During the creative process, I consciously incorporate autobiographical elements through text and narratives. My work also reflects the oral tradition of Pakistan and has a strong story telling nature, derived from every day life, routines and dilemmas. The notion of using a direct approach and combining text with imagery creates a mysterious interaction between fiction and reality.

As a printmaker I try to explore different methods of printmaking and have also incorporated prints into different media and installations.