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Ruth Nay

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Participating Artist in the ImPORT/ExPORT exchange programme with EDINBURGH PRINTMAKERS

Drawing is fundamental to any work that I do. I generally find somewhere to draw and return to a few sites over a long   period of time. The act  of  being  situated allows  me  to  make  drawings , prints and  paintings .

I  also enjoy the layering of  images , being  situated  outside,  returning  to  same  place  to  further  notice  and   go deeper  with  my  noticing.  I think I am trying to understand through drawing initially then in making paintings there is a stage where the painting itself takes over and everything  one  knows is  not enough. Somehow this  is the  crux  of  my  creative  practice  and  an aspect  I  would  like  to  explore  further

Throughout my  development as an  artist  I  have  become  very  enchanted  with the  act  the  possibilities intrinsic in the  material itself. My area of experiment concerns the ability of the material itself , both to  be controlled and  the complete preposterousness of trying to control inert substances to  represent  living  experience.

I enjoy the spillages , accidents and  interruptions that  often  are openings to  another  way  of  understanding and  creating  images.

I am  interested in  different  processes and  the  opportunities inherent  in   etching ,  screenprinting etc for  making  creative decisions whilst  working  on  an  image.

I  enjoy  the  play  between  what  is  observed and  hard won  through  constant  looking and  the  abstraction that  seems to  lie underneath the  surface.

I  based  my  application  about  coming  to  respond    to a  particular  place through   drawing  as  impetus  for  new  work including  elements  of  screen printing and  etching  .  I would like  to  base   my  response  to  the  act  of  travelling to a  place  everyday  to  make  works .  part  of  my  ideas  would  be to   establish a  dialogue  between  my  work and  that  of the  other artists  there . This  may  be accomplished  by  drawing  on  the  same  site ,  going  for  field  trips  to  notice  things .

I  would  like  to   work  really  hard  on  drawing   directly  onto  plates  perhaps  working  on   dry  point outside ,  making  mono- prints,  and  also  the  gestural  qualities  of  screen  print  in  as  a  basis  for   the   next  days  work .  I  imagine  I  will  be  very excited  by  seeing  new   places  and  am  already  looking  at  maps and  wondering  what  it  will  look  like , what it  will  be  like .

I  got  quite  excited   last  night  about  Neath  sounding  like  Leith  and  being  docks   and  about  the  same  distance  as  Edinburgh  docks  are  from  the  Centre  of  Edinburgh.  I kept thinking about duality and what it could mean.

One  of  the  ideas  I  find  most  interesting  is  interrupting  drawings  but also  how  interruptions are  new  points of departure .

Ruth Nay Landscape screenprint