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This is a relief process whereby the design to be printed is left in relief on a smooth block of wood. Traditionally this would have been the endgrain of boxwood polished to a mirror-smooth surface. Nowadays there are cheaper alternatives such as lemonwood and synthetic materials available.

The design has to be incised into the block in reverse. Very fine tools are used in engraving and very fine lines and marks can be made. Everything cut away will be white in the final print.

The block is then inked up with a roller or brayer and the raised, uncut areas will print.

Prints tend to be small and are often used in book illustrations, book plates and cards.

THere is also a thriving market for original prints in this process.

Have a look at the most recent exhibition of the Society of Woodengravers which is based at the Bankside Gallery London to see what an amazing range of work is on sale

These are woodengravings by local artist Sally Hands

To see more of her work, check out her website

2-11  Sally Hands   Summer Heat

Sally Hands | Summer Heat | woodengraving

1-Members Exhibition 2012