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Swansea Print Workshop's status as a professional and community arts facility means that we maintain a high profile for printmaking in the City of Swansea. We provide resources and facilities to professional artists, leisure artists and users from a wide variety of backgrounds including those from the local community, educational and business sectors.

Swansea Print Workshop endeavors to provide a wide variety of services and activities to members and non-members alike:

  •  Open access sessions enable members supervised workshop access.
  • We provide a lively and interesting range of print related workshops and masterclasses through a regular workshop programme providing opportunities to learn new skills in a supportive environment.
  • We hold ongoing life drawing classes every week in the evening with a monthly daytime group on the last Wednesday of every month.
  • Our outreach programme makes printmaking available to schools, colleges and community groups outside the workshop.

  • Opportunities to volunteer enables individuals to gain valuable experience and training in all aspects of the workshop and the Creative Industries.


life drawing

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Thursday Evening Group 6.30 - 9.30  Just turn up!

Monthly Wednesday Day-time 10.30 to 1.30pm with a half hour break. There is no need to book - just turn up. For further details please contact Patti on: 07906532539

Thursday Evening Life Drawing Group

The thriving 'Thursday Evening Group' is run by long-term volunteer Steve Jones. It's an informal drop-in for both experienced artists and people who want to give it a go. The sessions are not taught and run for three hours, with a half hour break.

The Group offer a rota of professional models of all ages and body types and Steve is happy to take suggestions for poses from the participants. As The Drawing Room used to be a dance studio, there are large mirrors behind the model which add interest and a more complex perspective to the poses.

triptych 2.jpg - 695.87 Kb

The full session runs 6.30 - 9.30pm with a half hour break at 8.00. Steve normally has a series of shorter poses in the first half, with a longer, often a full-hour, pose after break.

Monthly Day-time Group  - meets on the last Wednesday of every month

In September 2012, we introduced a new Monthly Day-time Life Drawing Group which meets on the last Wednesday of every month.

Patti McKenna, an artist experienced in Life Drawing and Life modelling, is the volunteer Group organiser.Running along the same lines as our existing Thursday night group, this will be an informal drop-in group for both experienced artists and people who want to give it a go. The sessions are not taught and run for three hours.

There will be a rota of professional models of all ages and body types and Patti welcomes suggestions from the group regarding model poses.

The full session runs 10.30 to 1.30pm with a half hour break. There is no need to book - just turn up. For further details please contact Patti on: 07906532539

Materials, Facilities and Costs

Some drawing materials and an extensive range of papers can be purchased at the Workshop. There are drawing boards and easels for use.

Session costs depend on membership status: Full members and Keyholder members - £5.00 |Ordinary members - £6.00 | Non-members - £7.50 | For half a session, members pay £3.00, Non-members pay £4.00.

Tea and coffee is available to purchase.

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When developing a print a series of ‘proofs’ are made to determine how the final print should look. These are exploratory prints and are called Artists Proofs. They can be unique as various colourways are explored or the plate altered.

Gordon Miles and Alan Williams editioning for Valerie Ganz

Editioning is the process of producing a defined number of copies of the final print. This can be anything from under 10 up to 500 or more depending on how successful the printmaker is at selling his or her prints. It is not unusual for a printmaker to print only part of the edition initially and to print more only when these have been sold. In this case, proofs must be kept to carefully match the earlier edition copies and notes on how the colours were mixed are essential.

An edition can be printed by the artist or a professional printer. It is essential that the artist is fully involved in the process of making the blocks, plates or screens, otherwise the process is more akin to a commercial reproduction than an original print.

Finished prints are signed by the artist in pencil to signify they are approved. This is usually done on the lower right hand corner under the image. If there is a title, it is usually in the middle. All prints are given a unique number. 8/50 is the eighth print from a limited edition of 50 for example.

Once the edition has been printed it is usual to cancel the blocks in some way by defacing them. A print can be taken as evidence of this.

Good quality paper should be used for an edition.

We stock the following range of paper which can be bought at any open access session. If you are editioning we can order in paper specifically for you.

We encourage members to produce small editions as it is a good discipline and develops skills and experience in all aspects of printmaking.

open access

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Open Access Studio Sessions

SPW offers an Open Access facility under a three-tiered membership scheme which addresses the needs of recreational artists, those wanting greater access and opportunities as well as professional artists and freelance individuals employed in the creative industries. Please visit our membership benefits page for further details and how to join.

To use Open Access you should be able to work independently in the studio in your chosen printmaking technique. We can help bring you up to that level through induction to the Studio, our workshop programme and one to one tuition. Please contact us for any advice.

Our Open Access sessions are supervised by volunteers who are experienced printmakers. They are there to facilitate your session and are happy to share tips and expertise to make your studio experience enjoyable and productive. Please remember though, that you should be able to work independently during an Open Access session and that the supervisors will only be able to offer training and one to one support during that time by previous arrangement.

Rusty? Need to familiarize yourself more with the Workshop? Would you like to try a new printmaking technique?

One to One sessions are a good way of brushing up on a technique you have already done. They are individually tailored to your needs and at a time convenient to you rather than waiting for a workshop programme event.

Each session is 3 hrs long and involves intensive tuition for the first hour only and then 2 hours studio time to try the technique. The cost is £45 for the session plus any many materials you may use.

Please note that for some printmaking techniques you will need more than a single One to One session to become proficient enough to use the Studio facilities independently. Please contact us for further information. We will pass your details on to an experienced printmaker who will get in touch to discuss your requirements.



Rose Davies will be running focussed Open Access sessions in woodblock / lino print on Thursday 21st and 28th April and 5th May 1.30 - 4.30.  

Please ring Swansea Print Workshop during Open Access hours to book in or email Rose on  


Carys Roberts will be running a focussed Open Access session on drypoint on Tuesday May 10th 10.30 - 1.30

Please ring Swansea Print Workshop during Open Access hours to book in or email Carys on

We’re expanding Open Access for you”.

Swansea Print Workshop has been running Open Access sessions for proficient printmakers for some years but we’ve been listening to our members and there are quite a few who have some experience of printmaking but don’t feel confident enough to come in for Open Access sessions. Maybe they did printmaking in the past or have been on a workshop or one-to-one but need a bit of nurturing to feel assured enough to come in for Open Access.


Focussed sessions

In the future, as well as running our usual Open Access sessions, our facilitators, all experienced printmakers, will have occasional focussed sessions that will be advertised in advance. These will offer a little more support to help our members feel more confident in coming to Open Access in future. 


How will this work?

Well, for example, one of our OA facilitators will decide to focus on linocuts and will bring in a block to print and encourage members to book in and bring their lino along to print up at the same time. This would be for people with some experience of the process, not for beginners and would not involve formal tuition, but will give less experienced printmakers the chance to work alongside experts and see how things are done, picking up studio practice along the way.


Our Open Access facilitators


Carys Roberts specialises in drypoint and relief printing

I am a Welsh speaker and was born in Swansea. I draw inspiration from my day to day life, whether it’s the hairy cattle I see wandering around Gower or my robin hiding in my Camelia bush waiting for his breakfast! The process of printmaking then turns an everyday image into something a bit more intriguing and pulling the blankets back on the press to reveal the print is always exciting.”