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invited artists project

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Sameera Khan and the Invited Artists Project


Five local artists were invited to work with Sameera Khan to develop an aspect of printmaking new to them and then produce a limited edition of a print. One print from each of these artists was included in the print auction in 2004

Printmaking, although accepted as a medium in the practice of the Fine Arts, is often neglected by artists after leaving college due to lack of specialist facilities needed. We anticipate that this current group of artists will be the first of many to benefit from Sameera’s professional support.

Nikki Cass

Nick Holly

Glenys Cour

Lynn Bebb

George Little

Nikki Cass inspecting her collagraph prints

Nikki Cass inspecting her collagraph prints

"Working on this edition of collagraph prints with Sameera Khan at Swansea Print Workshop has opened up new and exciting possibilities and perspectives for me. I sense that the experience will bring a new energy to my glass work. I feel excited at the results and plan to explore further." Nikki Cass: Architectural Glass

Glenys Cour working on her collagraph plate

Glenys Cour working on her collagraph plate

“Having so little experience of printmaking I found working with Sameera inspirational. She guided my steps with delicacy, suggesting with authority from her obvious knowledge of printmaking without overwhelming my own design ideas. I can’t wait to work with her again.” Glenys Cour: Painter

“Working with Sameera was lovely. Her enthusiasm and creativity are infectious. Thanks to Sameera’s skill and gentle encouragement, I plan to give printmaking a more important role in my future work.” Lynn Bebb: Sculptor