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Dylan Thomas Dialogues

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In 2014, comes an important and celebratory anniversary for Swansea – a hundred years since the birth of Swansea’s most famous and admired poet in 1914. Thomas’s legacy – a creative seam - runs deep and wide in Swansea, Wales and across the world.

Printmaking, like writing, continues to evolve, exploring new ideas and new ways for expressing creative ideas: digital prints, digital drawing, e-publishing. At the same time traditional methods have retained their value and in some areas have seen a resurgence such as the use of wood type and interest in artist books within a contemporary framework.

Swansea Print Workshop has just finished an ambitious and interesting project: Dylan Thomas Dialogues with activities and events throughout 2013 culminating in a touring exhibition opening in 2014.

The Theme

‘A sense of belonging’ is a rich theme which runs through art and literature across the ages and cultures: feelings of identity, community, exile and alienation provoke strong responses. ‘A sense of belonging’ resonates with artists and writers who are both observers and yet a part of what they observe.

Contributing Artists will explored ‘a sense of belonging’ using reference texts from Dylan Thomas and contemporary literature from winners of the international Dylan Thomas Prize.

Hunchback in the Park by Dylan Thomas            Return Journey by Dylan Thomas

Seating Arrangements by Maggie Shipstead       Fresh Apples by Rachel Trezise  

All Full and Keyholder Members were eligible to take part.

See our project blog for more details of the project and all our main events

"I make one image—though 'make' is not the right word; I let, perhaps, an image be 'made' emotionally in me and then apply to it what intellectual & critical forces I possess—let it breed another, let that image contradict the first, make, of the third image bred out of the other two together, a fourth contradictory image, and let them all, within my imposed formal limits, conflict." Dylan Thomas

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Our Touring Package includes a framed set of 18 prints | a boxed set of 18 prints for display purposes | beautifully designed catalogue for sale | illustrative material for wall display | video content | additional drawings, hand-made books, paper sculptures are available depending on the facilities of the host venue

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David Barron | Lynne Bebb | Lucy Donald | Alan Figg | Jackie Ford | Graeme Galvin | Rosy Ind | Jane Jones | Hannah Lawson | Lesley Lillywhite | Robert Macdonald | Ruth Parmiter | Carys Roberts | Kara Seaman | Bridget Stevens | Judith Stroud | Adele Vye | Pip Woolf

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There is a comprehensive fully illustrated catalogue also featuring an original piece by Rachel Tresize, winner of the inaugral prestigious Dylan Thomas Prize.

Click on the catalogue cover to view/download pdf file

The Project Team

Jackie Ford: Project Director

Sarah Jackman: Project Coordinator and Marketing Officer

Hannah Lawson: Administrative and Events Assistant. 

Rhian Wolfe: Volunteer Marketing and Administrative Assistant

For any enquiries or further information on the Dylan Thomas Dialogues Project please contact Sarah.

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