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A variety of testimonials and comments from member and clients, associates and supporters:

Sammy: Blaen-y-maes Primary School

Sammy: Blaen-y-maes Primary School

We were delighted that our children benefited from being involved in such a culturally diverse project and that they were able to exhibit their prints in a professional context at the end of the programme. The project helped to increase an understanding and raise awareness of Muslim cultures and Islamic art and initiated positive dialogues amongst the children.
Carolyn Davies, Teacher Adviser and Co-ordinator for the Arts, 2007

The Workshop has done a great deal to encourage people from all walks of life and has totally transformed some people’s lives.
Gillian Morgan, Co-ordinating Tutor Visual Arts, 2007

The relationship between our faculty and Swansea Print Workshop has benefited from fruitful collaboration …
Professor Andrea Liggins, Dean of Faculty of Art & Design, 2007

Hannah: Blaen-y-maes Primary School

… you contribute a significant piece of the jigsaw of the future cultural shape of Swansea and the region.
Robin Hall, Arts Development Officer Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea, 2007

Swansea Print Workshop has demonstrated that there is a real demand for professional artists print facilities and that as an established and credible organisation they have the capacity to deliver a range of high quality services and initiatives.
Sybil Crouch, Head of Cultural Services, Taliesin Arts Centre, 2007

The Workshop is an invaluable resource for artists … the development of specialist artistic support services, such as Swansea Print Workshop, would give an enormous boost to the visual arts throughout this region. Robert Macdonald, 2007

I am getting printmaking skills, professional training, guidance and development, excellent cultural experience and lots of friends. This is my treasure, which I get from Swansea Print Workshop; I’ll take with me to give back to my community in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. This cultural and professional experience gave me the courage and confidence to develop a cultural exchange …I’ll transfer these experiences, printmaking skills and the love, which I get from this community … to my motherland.
Aleem Dad Khan, Artist in Residence at
Swansea Print Workshop 2007

Crystal: Blaen-y-maes Primary School

Crystal: Blaen-y-maes Primary School

The Workshop has always provided our students with excellent specialist facilities, expertise and support over a number of years and has encouraged learners of all abilities to engage in printmaking activities.
Sarah Hopkins, Course Co-ordinator Art & Design, Gorseinon College, Swansea, 2007

The proposed Kings Lane development opens up the possibility for collaboration with industry for both research and development and business to business links.
Rodney Bender, Managing Director Innovative Glass Products Ltd, 2007

I have been very impressed by the Print Workshop’s initiatives to train and nurture young printmakers and its record on access for all. My own daughter, who has learning difficulties has worked as a volunteer at the Print Workshop and this has given her confidence and purpose as well as enabling her to create work of her own of sufficient quality that she has exhibited alongside professional artists in Wales and Pakistan.
Lynne Bebb, Artist, 2007

This is how I felt about working as a volunteer at the Print Workshop; the people here are very friendly and smart and very good listeners and advise when I need it.
Leila Bebb, Volunteer, 2007

I first came to the Workshop as a work placement through ‘New Deal’ referred by the Job Centre and Swansea Council for Voluntary Services …although I have a degree in Fine Art, I have learnt new techniques, how to teach, how to prepare and run workshops … and work on large scale projects as part of a team.
Kara Seaman, Volunteer/Artist, 2007

As an artist and Printmaker simply knowing Swansea Print Workshop exists inspires and encourages me to work, it also gives me vital access to events and equipment/facilities that I am unable to work with at home.
Elissa V Evans, Artist and Printmaker, 2007

We know that artistic colonies in other places have raised the quality of life in other places and have reversed the running down of poor areas. Swansea needs something like this.
Donald Leech, Member of
Swansea Print Workshop, 2007

The welcoming atmosphere and sense of camaraderie, coupled with a deep understanding of the way artists work, and solid technical support, must make it a unique resource for this part of Wales, if not the whole of it.

Sally Greiner, Artist, 2007

I did not know what to expect as I had never done any printmaking before, however, I absolutely loved every second of it and subsequently decided to become a full member of Swansea Print Workshop.
Farhana Tegwyn Malik, 2007


The ethos is invigorating, exploratory and in pursuit of the highest standards.
Veronica Gibson, Artist, 2007

I live some distance from Swansea … why am I willing to travel? The answer is that, in my experience, Swansea Print Workshop offers by far the best context for open-access printmaking in South Wales.
Bernard van Lierop, Artist, 2007

The ‘group’ interests are excellent at the Workshop offering companionship in working practical printmaking. Information and interests combine and the whole learning environment is conducive to enhanced levels of achievement in art.
Pat Briggs, Artist, 2007

I will always remember the first time I set foot in 19A Clarence Street … as an elderly person who has a rather vague knowledge of printmaking it opened up a wonderful world.
Ivor J. Hixson, 2007

I did a three month internship with responsibility for the publicising of the Contemporary Welsh Printmakers exhibition. I was amazed by the broad reach of the Festival of Muslim Cultures Print Project run by this tiny organisation … this exhibition was the crowning event.
Patricia Mckenna, Community Artist, 2007

I like making and rolling the printer. Please come again to my school.
Crystal, Blaen-Y-Maes Primary, Swansea, 2005