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Our Team

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The Swansea Print Workshop Team consists of project staff, freelance artists and a large team of volunteers whose invaluable support enables the organisation to deliver the wide-range of activities and projects every year.


Each project that we deliver requires a specific team of staff. These are therefore, recruited on a project by project basis but may consist of: Project Coordinator, Marketing Officer, Administrative Assistant, Events Assistant, Technician.

A Project Director is responsible for the strategic direction and management of the project and other volunteers support the team in a variety of ways. Opportunities for both paid and volunteer staff will be advertised on the website, details of the current project team can be found on our Current Project pages.


Swansea Print Workshop has proven experience in delivering successful and enjoyable workshops as part of our Outreach Programme. Our workshop leaders and assistants have many years of experience in printmaking and teaching to schools, higher education institutions and community groups.

For details on our Outreach Team and who you need to contact to discuss a Printmaking Workshop for your group, please see our Outreach Programme.

Outreach Team: Kara Seaman, Dan McCabe, Nina Morgan


Swansea Print Workshop is supported by a wide range of volunteers who help on a regular basis as well as others who support us with specific activities and events.


Our Directors are responsible for the strategic direction of the organisation and the effective administration and management of all our activities. If you are interested in helping with the running of SPW please contact us. We are looking for Directors who have business expertise as well as artistic experience.

Board of Directors: Sameera Bjerrum-Bohr, Bill Chambers, Sheila Clark, Alan Figg, Jackie Ford, Veronica Gibson, Owen Griffiths, Robert Macdonald, Alison Porter, Peter Spriggs, Adele Vye.

Open Access Leaders

Our Open Access Leaders are experienced Printmakers who provide a safe and friendly environment in which our members can work during the Open Access studio times.

Open Access Leaders: David Barron, Sheila Clark, Lesley Lillywhite, Carys Roberts, Alan Figg, Rose Davies, Kara Seaman, Judith Stroud, Ruth Parmiter.

Exhibition Committee

The Exhibition Committee promotes and organizes exhibition opportunities locally, nationally and internationally for members of Swansea Print Workshop.

Exhibition Committee: Judith Stroud, Rose Davies, Kara Seaman, Michael Goode

Fundraising Team

The Fundraising Team raises funds through events and art sales to support the programme of activities for projects and to purchase and maintain studio equipment.

Fundraising Team: Carys Roberts, Alan Figg, Kara Seaman, Sarah Jackman, Jackie Ford

Marketing Working Group

The Marketing Working Group is responsible for the strategic and procedural development of Marketing across the organisation.

Marketing Working Group: Rose Davies, Steve Jones, Robert Taylor, Matthew Otten, Sarah Jackman, Jackie Ford, Ceri Roberts

Other roles

We also have volunteers who help out with administration, studio support, maintenance of the building, marketing and much more: Rose Davies, Leila Bebb, Ceri Roberts

Members also help staff our events, invigilate exhibitions, create items for sale and more!

THANK YOU to you all!

In return for their help we offer our volunteers:

One hour’s studio time for every hour of your volunteer time, relevant in-house training to support your work, external training opportunities and refunds for travel expenses (subject to project funding availability).

If you wish to volunteer, please visit our Opportunities to see any roles we are currently recruiting for or contact us letting us know which area of volunteering you are interested in.